Q: When was the products founded ?

A: Various products of Bharpur Ayurveda were founded in 1960’s.

Q: What is the composition of ingredients ?

A: Every product is made entirely of natural herbs mentioned in Vedas. None of the animal product or alcohol is used in our composition.

Q: Can this product be consumed along with other medication?

A: Yes

Q: How the product can be consumed and does it have any side effects?

A: The amount of dosage and method to consume is mentioned on every pack. None of the products have side effects if consumed in proper quantity.

Q: Within how much time positive results can be expected ?

A: Consume the product on regular basis for at least one month.

Q:How to place an order?

A: Through our website’s Shop

Q: How much time the shipping will take ?

A: It depends on the location .Within India order will be delivered within 2-4 days.

Q: Do you have customer support?

A: Yes, contact us at care@bharpurayurveda.in